STEP 1: Get Acquainted

Our design process starts with a 5 to 10 minute call with our team. Here, we will get acquainted and begin to understand how you intend to use your outdoor space. We will ask you a few questions about your project, including the area of your space front yard versus back yard, any features you have in mind and what you are looking for in a contractor. After listening and getting a sense for your project, we will schedule a meeting in person at your home.

STEP 2: Virtual Vision Board

At your convenience! As we look ahead to meeting in person, you have a chance to get creative. You’ll go through some of our project services and galleries and begin to ask yourself some basic question about what you really want and need. This process is geared to help you build your landscape vision so you can give us examples of what you’re thinking and what features/functionality you would like to include in your design.

STEP 3: On-site Meeting

This is where our designers bring your vision to life. When we come to meet you at your home, our design expert will come prepared with ideas, things to consider and visual examples of work we done before. You’ll show us your home and give us a general feel for your space and surrounding area. Our design planner will be looking at your space with an expert eye for location of utilities, privacy consideration, elevation changes, sun exposure and other project considerations they will address in your design. You can count on us to listen to and understand what you’re looking for. Everyone making decisions on the project should be there.

STEP 4: Design & Layout

Next we’ll put our creative expertise to work, providing you with the complete custom design. Your design will be a 100% custom to your space and vision. Here is where your landscape project details unfold. You’ll see how we have integrated your wants and needs and address any concerns.

We will make sure we covered everything on your wishlist. You’ll be able to choose between your options for materials and we will discuss any HOA guidelines with solutions for how to meet them. 

Finally, we will review your budget again and make sure we’re on the right track. You’ll receive pricing and a snapshot in your mind of what your landscape is going to look and feel like. With that, you’ll select your final colors and materials. You’ll receive a final price breakdown, complete your contract and put down a deposit. 

STEP 5: Project Planning

From here we will schedule your project – usually 2-6  weeks out from contract to project start date. This is due to the complexity of scheduling crews, materials, and plan changes. This allow us to dedicate our full attention and focus on your project when it’s your turn. When we start construction at your home, we will be 100% dedicated to your project and won’t rest until it’s finished. You won’t need to provide direction or oversight or even be present although you are welcome to! Our skilled crews arrive on site knowing exactly what they need to do. You’ll simply be able to watch the execution of your design vision as it unfolds.

Our crews have a plan and goal for each and every workday, which are planned based on goals rather than hours, so we won’t leave until those benchmarks are hit. Once they finish their work for the day, they won’t leave until the site is cleaned up. When construction is completed we do a final walkthrough and will answer any questions you have, while keeping a punch list for any outstanding items and need to be addressed. We’ll also review our warranty policy and procedures show you how to use any equipment. Final payment is due at this time.

We’ll always be responsive, and we’ll always do our best to make sure you are 100% satisfied!

STEP 6: Enjoy!

When your landscape project is complete, the last step is to ENJOY! Have your family and friends over for drinks and enjoy the food cooked in your outdoor kitchen. Invite the whole family over, and watch the kids laugh and play, or enjoy the peace and quiet with the sound of a fountain trickling on a warm Phoenix evening. When you come home from work, you’ll feel amazing pulling up to a beautiful landscaped yard. You’ll be glad you chose Keystone Design, the right contractor for the job. 


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